Glue/technical gelatine is an environment- friendly protein obtained by extracting the collagen from bovine hides. At the factory, the incoming bovine hides are placed in lime milk and held for 30-90 days. Then, the lime is washed with acid and water, and hides are transferred into boiling vessels. After evaporation of water, the product is dried until it reaches to the moisture level of 10-12%.

Animal origin glue/technical gelatine is used in many industries, mainly paper, binding, packaging, labeling, in corrosives, textile, tobacco, wood industry and furniture.

Sanayi exports 90% of its production to Europe, America and Asia. And is preferred by customers as it puts emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. All steps of technical gelatine production are controlled by experienced personnel and special blends are prepared according to the specific technical criteria of each customer.

By taking great care of all production steps from selection of raw materials to the final product, Sel Sanayi acts in parallel with the specific needs of the customers in technical gelatine production. The products are required to pass strict control tests. Currently, it may be found in two different shapes like pearl and granulated forms.